The homework for the week of 3/19/18 is listed below.  Ideally students will have their homework calendar filled out completely, but this can be checked for confirmation.  Please do not rely solely on this site.

" * " Denotes no assigned homework in that subject

    Spelling:  Definitions
    Math:  Lesson 11-6 
    Reading/Writing:  AR (20 minutes); AR Test by 3/23/18
    Social Studies/Misc.:  Monday Memo; Library Book; Potter Due


    Spelling:  Word Triangles
    Math:  Lesson 11-7; Logic Puzzle
    Reading/Writing:  AR Reading (20 minutes); Quizlet
    Social Studies/Misc.:  Monday Memo


    Spelling:  5 times each
    Math:  Lesson 11-8
    Reading/Writing:  AR (20 minutes); Quizlet
    Social Studies/Misc.:  *


    Spelling:  Scrabble
    Math:  Lesson 11-9
    Reading/Writing:  AR (20 minutes); Quizlet; AR Test tomorrow
    Social Studies/Misc.:  Missing Work